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And so it begins!

Debbie and I traveled to Traverse City, Michigan in late June to be trained in the Eagala Model of Equine Assisted Therapy. We had a great time getting to bond as a Facilitator Team and enjoying the beautiful setting. Peace Ranch was the host ranch where we spent five days learning, practicing, and networking. The remotely located Ranch is aptly named; a sense of deep peace surrounded and filled us all as we learned in the open air, circled around the campfire with the birds singing in the background. The group of over 30 trainees were evenly split between Mental Health Professionals and Equine Specialists. We were able to practice what we were learning as each new principle was presented. My favorite part was that we all were given the opportunity to be the client during practice sessions. This was an amazing experience! I was surprised at how quickly the method worked in helping me find solutions to issues that were causing me stress and anxiety. We are both very excited to bring Equine Assisted Growth and Learning to our community.

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